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New song "Jokerjam" from the next record "The Sixth Time Around"

Here's the video to our new tune "Jokerjam" from our upcoming 6th LP "The Sixth Time Around"

Black Market Karma French Tour 2015

We recently returned from touring France for two weeks. We had a fantastic time, played to some great crowds and met some cool. Thank you to Martin Carriere for booking the tour and thanks You Said Strange and Dead Horse one for making the noise with us. Pictures below of from the Rock In The Barn Festival in Giverny.

One Off Performance For The French Film Release Of This Ain't California

BMK played a one off gig in Paris at Le B6 to celebrate the French release of the film "This Ain't California"
Another long drawn out channel crossing to Calais from Dover on the ferry. Eurotunnel rules, much quicker and no sea sickness!

An August crossing, the sea was nice and calm, not too bad.

Slowly! All across in one piece
Nice sunny day in France, the miles pass by easier.

The work of art that was the men's urinals.

Check out the video, Skullgroover, live at Le B6, Paris, France.
Long Day!

Here's the link to the film release we was celebrating
"This Ain't California" A skateboarding movie

Black Market Karma The Sixth Time Around Taster


Black Market Karma 6th Album Taster

BMK's next studio album "The Sixth Time Around" is finished and will be available soon. Here's a taster.

Black Market Karma play Southend

Black Market Karma play Southend 

Last week BMK played in Southend On-Sea for the first time at The Railway Hotel , the gig was promoted by Pork Promotions.
The turn out was great and we had a top night. Couldn't complain about the classy free food either. Thanks to all involved and to Sam Jones from Velvet Morning  making it happen.
Here's some photos from the night.


Recording Lou's Vocals on the 7th album.

Recording BMK's 7th album
Everything else is down for our 7th record, finishing Lou's vocals and it's ready to mix.

The Warlocks+Black Market Karma+Enemies Eyes UK Tour

The Warlocks+Black Market Karma+Enemies Eyes UK Tour

This month we joined The Warlocks on their UK Tour along with Manchester band Enemies Eyes. It was a great trip and it was real nice getting to know eachother. They're all top people and together we kicked up an almighty din every night. Thanks to everyone involved and thanks to Matt Burgess from Interstellar Overdrive promotions for organising the whole thing. Here's a live video of us playing "Skullgroover" at the Manchester show, and some photos of the tour by Lou and our friend Lee Winter.

BMK & Tess Parks European Tour, France,Spain & Portugal, April 2015

7th, El Chico, Bordeaux, France
We left in the very early hours of the morning for a long haul drive, from London UK, to Bordeaux, France. We had a late afternoon load in, so no time for an overnight stop.
We arrived mid afternoon, sound check went well, we was off to a good start with the tour.
We were served some great local food by the venue owner, as is always our experience, the French are very good hosts.
Tess got things off to a great start, speaking in French to the audience between songs.
El Chico was buzzing and really busy.
An artist was painting some cool pictures to the music as Tess and BMK played.
The sound was really good on stage for us, we all got into the vibe and everyone had a great night together.
This was the first time the band had played in Bordeaux, we was chuffed with how well the gig went.
Nicolas Rabot a French photographer, took some nice pictures of the band whilst on stage and after the show, see below. 
Check out more of his work on his website.

8th, La Ley Seca, Zaragoza, Spain
After a very few hours sleep, we were up and on the road again heading for Zaragoza in Spain. We toured Spain the year before in September 2014 and had headlined the Zaragoza Psych Fest, we had a great time there and were all excited to be going back. Check out the blog for Summer Tour Of Spain 2014.
After a quick check in at the hotel, we made our away across town to the venue, La Ley Seca. We met up with the guys from My Expansive Awareness, also the team behind Analogue Love.
The bar was cool with the walls full of rock'n'roll memorabilia.
The venue was very busy again with everyone enjoying a good night.
We was up back on the road early next morning on route to Madrid, we had an early load in and Tess had a photo shoot with a Spanish Glamour Magazine.

Recent Interview with Stan with Robex Lundgren from Sweden

A recent interview with Stan with Robex Lundgren from Sweden

Q - What´s the name of your band?

A - Black Market Karma

Q - How was the band formed?

A - Black Market Karma is the name that I make music under. We've always been a collective of friends over the years with people coming and going. We have a solid group now with the same members for a few years.

Can you tell about your band? We are a Neo-Psychedelic collective from South East London.

Q - Where are all band members from?/Who does what in the band?

A - Most of the members are from the suburbs of London with the exception of Louisa, who's is originally from Paris. Live I'm on guitar and Vocals, my brother Fin is on guitar, Louisa plays guitar and sometimes vocals, Mike's on the Bass and we are currently in between drummers.

What was the ambitions of the band when you started? To make good music, work hard to create all the time and be prolific and to reach as many people as we can. This still is our ambition.

Could you explain your music to someone that haven't heard you? The style has been most affected by 60's Psychedelia and Garage Rock through to Shoegaze and Neo-Psych, Traditional music, Blues, Northern Soul, Rock'n'Roll and sometimes electronic sounds. Despite the various influences in the songs, we are able to bring it all together as a consistent and continuous body of work through production. We use a broad range of instruments to create a rich and layered sound.

Q - Where was your first gig?

A - I honestly don't remember.

Q - Where was the latest gig?

A - Manchester.

Q - Who writes your songs?/Who writes the music who writes lyrics?

A - I write, record and produce all of our music at our studio.

Q - Who has the best since of humor in the band?

A - We can all be pretty funny when everything comes together.

Q - What's good/bad with the band?/What genre do you feel you are?

A - Neo-psychedelia sums it up pretty well. Like I said before we have a lot of different influences when it comes to styles of songwriting. Psychedelia has become a blanket term that can really be almost anything. That's what's great about it, the freedom.

Why did you pick that particular style?/What are your songs about? It's free. You can do whatever you want and it can still be the same band. The lyrics are just experiences I've had in my life, a range of different emotions and ideas. A lot of them are fuelled by trying to capture that fire you get when music makes you feel invincible.

Q - Do you write your own material or mainly covers?

A - All of the music is our own.

Q - Have you made any albums?/If yes what are they?

A - We have 6 studio albums:



Easy Listening

Semper Fi

Upside Out Inside Down

The Sixth Time Around

The 6th was completed earlier this year and will be released soon. The other 5 studio albums, as well as a live album "Live At Radar" are available as free downloads at Flower Power Records.

They can also be bought on various sites such as Amazon and itunes. Our fourth album, Semper Fi is also available on Vinyl via Flower Power Records.

Comatose was released in January 2012 with Cocoon, Easy Listening and Semper fi also in that year. Live at Radar  was released in 2013 and Upside Out Inside Down in 2014

Q - Do you have any clips on YouTube?

A - There's a ton of stuff on there. The live album was also filmed, here's the link:

And this is "Skullgroover" from our latest album 

Q - How old are you?/What got you started in music?

A - I'm 24. I used to be obsessive with drawing when I was younger. The feeling of creating and finishing something is addictive. When I picked up a guitar that desire moved over to recording songs.

Q - At what age did you start playing?

A - 13

Q - How old were you guys when you first stood on stage?

A - I think I was 14. Not sure about everyone else.

Q - What places will you be playing in in the immediate future?

A - Currently we're only booked to play one more show this year at The Water Rats  in King's Cross, London on the 13th December. The show is being moved due to venue complication however, so I'm not sure where it will be yet.

Q - Where have you played from then till now?

A - So far we've played all around the UK and Scotland, Sweden, Denmark, France, Italy, Belgium, Ireland and  Spain.

Q - Which band is the best you've seen?

A - I don't know about the best, but there's some good,newer bands around playing at the moment. Les Big Byrd,The Anteloids, Tess Parks, My Expansive Awareness, The Cosmonauts, The Tangerines, Loaded, The Koolaid Electric Company were always good live but haven't played for a couple of years. I saw a band last weekend called Velvet Morning  that I really enjoyed.

Q - What has been the best/most promising gig so far?

A - I don't know what the best was, we've had a lot of great times over the years. Last September at Rock In The Barn festival in Giverny, France was great. Just had a real special feeling to it.

Q - What are the plans for the rest of the year?

A - Hoping to release our new album, The Sixth Time Around before the year is out. Do maybe 1 or 2 more shows before Christmas. I'm working on our 7th album at the moment. I'm five songs in and hoping to finish it before 2015.

Q - Where do you usually play?

A - We play all over but London is local to us, so usually there.

Q - How do you get psyched up for a gig?

A - Sound check makes or breaks it for me. If everything goes well and we sound how we should, I'm happy.

Q - What are your goals with your music?

A - The same as they always were. To be prolific and to reach as many people as we can.

Q - When did you decide to go all in for the music?

A - When I started playing the guitar. I knew straight away I wanted to do that.

Q - Is it easier to get your inspiration from older bands or from bands more modern? 

A - Both works for me. When you hear a piece of music you really enjoy it makes you want to create. It doesn't matter when it was made.

Q - What are your sources of inspiration?

A - Lyrically I'm affected by most things in my life, but musically it usually stems from music itself. Listening to it or playing and finding the start to an idea, then wanting to build on it.

Q - What's the first step when making a new song?

A -It depends. Most of the time it's one of two ways. I'll have an idea come into my head, usually when walking. I'll then want to try and get it record as close to what I was imagining. The other way is when I'm playing an instrument and find something I like as a starting point.

Q - How do you feel about the downloading of music instead of buying albums?

A - I think it's great that music can be accessed in so many ways now. I do think there's a lot of value in buying a physical product, especially a vinyl and the tangibility of it. However, people say that downloading music, or even getting it free devalues it for the listener and I don't agree with that. If you love it a piece of music and the way it makes you feel, it doesn't matter how you got it. That feeling will still be the same. We currently have all our albums up for free download at Flower Power Records , but people still buy them on various sites and on Vinyl. We may not always keep it this way, but it's been a great tool for getting our band to new ears.

Q - What would be your dreams for the band?

A - To keep it going a long as we can, but stay consistent in the quality of music. To reach as many people as we can and keep it growing. To be able to be self sufficient and play shows around the world.

Q - Besides your own music, what genres and bands do you listen to? 

A - The Velvet Underground, The Beatles, Spacemen 3, Leadbelly, Bob Dylan, Spiritualized, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Serge Gainsbourg.  Tom Waits, Curtis Mayfield, The Troggs, My Bloody Valentine, The All Night Workers, Lilys, Magic Castles, Flavor Crystals, Cape Kennedy Construction Company, The Warlocks, Jacques Dutronc The Kynds, The Cryan Shames, Sunny And The Sunsets, Panda Bears, Ravi Shankar, Jesus And Mary Chain, Daniel Johnston,  Black Angels, BRMC, Dead Rabbits, Buddy Guy, Can, Cosmonauts, Ducktails, The Koolaid Electric Company, Tess Parks, Cosmonauts, The Tangerines, The Seeds, Spectrum, Sonny Boy Williamson, Thee Oh Sees, Them There's a bunch more but here's a rough idea.

Q - What do you hold most dear?

A -  A lot of things are important to me, but when it comes down to it I guess all that really matters is Family, friends and your health.

Q - Have you been part of any other projects?

A - Recently I wrote and recorded some songs with Tess Parks. One of which will be released on an upcoming Rough Trade compilation with other bands such as Ringo Deathstarr and Tomorrow's Tulips.

Q - Have you been in any other bands?

A - No, I've always made music as Black Market Karma

Q - What would you do if there was no music?

A - I'd do some other form of arts for sure. When I was younger I wanted to be a comic book artist.

Q - How important are your fans?

A - Everything, the best part of playing music is reciprocation. When everything comes together at a show and there's this intangible feeling between everyone that you can't quite explain.

Q - What's the funniest/most memorable thing a fan has done for you?

A - I can't think of one stand out thing. It's a great feeling when people share your music and spread the word. We get a lot of independent blogs etc featuring us. It's humbling to see the effort that goes into some of those things.

Q - How often do you rehearse?

A - It varies, most weeks usually.

Q - Where do you rehearse?

A - In our studio.

Q - Name 2 of your own songs you like at the moment?

A - When you record a lot of music, that latest thing always feels the most prominent. I'm happy with our latest record and can't wait for people to hear it. There's a song in it called "The First Time Around". It has 6 versions. Going from The 1st, to the 6th Time Around. They are all reprises, 2 to 5 been instrumental with completely different arrangements on each one. The 6th is a softer, slower version with lyrics. It's a kind of theme tune to the record. There's another song towards the end of the album called "The Noise In Your Head" that I'm happy with. It has a different style to anything we've done before.

Q - What drives a band that isn't all that famous and renowned to try to make a living on their music and to keep playing?

A - Ambition and genuine love for what you do. If you're faking it or doing it for the wrong reasons, you won't keep it up.

Q - Do you have any webpages?

A -

We're also on multiple social media sites.

Q - How do you view the music industry of today?

A - We do everything ourselves as far as releases and recording, so I've never had to come up against industry problems in that regard. From what I can see there seems to be a lot of game-playing going on with the consumer. Musicians get taken advantage of a lot and I've heard industry people saying things such as "this band has too much music" which I find absolutely ridiculous when you really think about it.

Q - What are the biggest obstacles for a band?

A - Having control of your own interests. And at the most basic level, having somewhere to rehearse and being able to record.

Q - Tell us about upcoming gigs and why we should be at them?

A - Our next show is with Goodsouls Promotions. It's run by brothers Chris and Mike. They're great people and treat you right. The other reason would be if you like our albums. I think, when the sound is good, live is the best way to experience a band.

Q - Whats your Pre-show ritual?

A - We don't really have one. I suppose each member probably has their own approach to it in their heads. As long as sound check goes well, I'm ready to play.

Q - Do you have anything to add?

A - Thanks for your time and spreading the word about Black Market Karma

Web location of interview





BMK at Rock In The Barn, Giverny, France

At the end of September we went to France again to play Rock In The Barn.
We had a great time. The crowd were fantastic, a real special feeling in the room that night.
Thanks to Martin and Eliott from
You Said Strange for organising the whole event, they did a stellar job.

Tour Of Spain, September 2014

We were invited by Analoge Love  to play a few dates in Spain.
Below are some details and pictures from the trip.

11th, Evidence Cafe Teatro, Bilbao, Spain
After a whole day and night's drive from the UK and down through France, we finally got to our first destination, Bilbao. 
We were the only band playing, we soundchecked and had a chance to take it easy before the show.
Café Teatro are great hosts, the whole team were served free drinks in huge glass chalices, along with some delicious Spanish food.
It was great playing to the Spanish for the first time.

12th. Zaragoza Psych Fest, Zaragoza, Spain

Most of the team slept in a hostel in Bilbao, Supersonic and Fin slept in the van. After a few hours of much needed sleep, we drove to Zaragoza.  
BMK played for nearly two hours, everyone was really letting loose. A few people joined us on stage, playing tambourines, always good to get added percussion.
It was a special evening, we went on into the early hours and all had a blast.

13th, Txiki Psych Fest, San Sebastian (followed by Dabadaba ) 

We got back to the hostel in Zaragoza the early hours of the next day, Supersonic and Stan were in the van for the night. We had an early start, so not much sleep, just enough to function. The journey through Aragon province on route to San Sebastian was beautiful. It felt like we were driving through what we'd imagine Colorado to look like, it was a proper Spaghetti Western experience, blasting through the stereo was"Bringing it All Back Home Again" from The Brian Jonestown Massacre.
We arrived in San Sebastian and eventually found the venue, the sat nav was having a spell, so the last leg was a bit of a mission. The venue was huge. There was lots food and drink waiting for us back stage, it was a nice and much needed welcome.
We met Jared and Brian from
the Vacant Lots for the first time, real nice people and a band with a sweet sound.
During the first act a gut bustingly loud bottom end keyboard part caused a part of the ceiling to come loose, unbelievably collapsing straight onto the main event organiser Alex's head ( Alex was shook up but thankfully not hurt too badly)
Ambulances, police cars and the whole shebang turned up and boom, the festival was cancelled. We were gutted at the news, this was a swanky and very new building, we couldn't believe a part of the ceiling had collapsed.
Dozens of intrigued fans were hovering outside wondering what was happening. The other people in the team of organisers were scratching their heads trying to come up with which seemed like an unlikely solution to the problem.
An hour or so went by, the organisers managed to pull it off (at very short notice) finding another venue to move the event to that same night. Us,  
Asteroid #4 and Ringo Death Starr would still play, but now at Dabadaba .. 
BMK went on stage around 3am, the Spanish are up for a good time for sure, even after all the problems, Dabadaba  was literally packed, the venue was virtually impossible to walk through it was so crowded. After a change of venues and loading in and out twice, we were all knackered by the end of the night. We was staying in a nice hotel with secure parking so the whole team got a bed. We had an early start again the next day, we had to get back across to Barcelona, so although teased by nice comfortable beds, we only got to sleep in them for a few hours.
From which seemed to be a mini disaster, the festival was majestically salvaged by the Txiki team and turned out to be a memorable night.

A call home.

14th, Lupita Del Raval , Barcelona, Spain
The drive from San Sebastian to Barcelona was the warmest day we'd had, we drove through a hellish storm, rain was bouncing off the van and hitting the windows so hard they began to leak, we've drove a lot of miles in the old bus and have never had the windows leaking before, with thunder and lighting streaking across the sky and really strong winds, it all got a bit frightening. We eventually drove out of the eye of the storm and then ended up in a ton of traffic just outside of Barcelona. 
This was the last gig of the tour. We came out of the venue and walked right into another hard hitting storm, we decided to give the hostel a miss and started the long drive home. 
We all had a lot of fun and met some great people along the way.
Thanks to everyone that came out to see us.

UK Tour with Tess Parks, summer 2014

We met Tess Parks for the first time in London at the Brian Jonestown Massacre  gig in The Roundhouse , Camden . We all hooked up before the gig. A perfect place for people to meet for the first time. BJM put on a cool show, with the new songs from Revelation sounding sweet. We hung out after the gig too at the after party in The Purple Turtle , although we had to listen to Anton Newcombe's  & Joel Gion's  DJ set from outside venue, the place was packed to capacity. We had all walked down together from The Roundhouse and had arrived too late to gain entry.
Tess had come over to the UK to tour England with us, travelling all the way from Toronto, Canada. With the first gig in Brighton  we couldn't wait to kick things off

10th, The Green Door Store , Brighton, with Tess Parks  & a DJ set from Supersonic

Thanks to Flower Power Records and everyone that came out for a Supersonic Psychedelic night. Thanks to The Inner Strings Light Show  for the Supersonic oil wheel Illuminations.  

Some Supersonically lit pictures

18th, Hoxton Bar & Kitchen, Hoxton Square , London 

Today was Blistering hot, really nice to play a gig where the venue has decent air conditioning, a real treat! Hoxton Square is a pretty good place to be too. We had a real cool time, thanks to everyone that came out.
Here's a couple a video's from our set.

"The Whites Of Your Eyes" from our 4th record "Semper Fi" buy the record via Flower Power Records  here
"Skullgroover" from our 5th record "Upside Out Inside Down"
A few pictures
19th,  The Lighthouse , Deal , Kent, with Tess Parks

Another blisteringly hot day, the English coast is a good place to be when it's hot, a nice breeze coming in from the sea. A visit to the local fish and chip shop did the trick for us to fill our bellies. We were virtually catching on fire on stage for this gig. Lou clearly puffing in the heat and Fin doing an Iggy Pop with his shirt off. Deal's a nice place and good people run The Lighthouse, a good day and night was had by all.

A few videos from our set below
"Yes You Can" from our 5th record "Upside Out Inside Down
" Don't You Know" from our 4th record "Semper Fi"
"Keep On Keeping Your Light On" from our 4th record "Semper Fi"

23rd, The Exchange , Bristol , with Joel Gion  & BJM  members + Mother Beef

It was a long time since BMK had visited Bristol, last time we played here was back in 2009 at Mr Wolfs
It was nice to be back, The Exchange is a cool venue, our soundcheck went well, so all was sweet. 
The gig went really well for us, the Bristol crowd were up for a it. Good vibrations where pulsing throughout the venue. We had a great night,
making some new friends and meeting some old ones.
Check out the video below, some of the pictures were took during the day and on stage that night, all
set to a live recording of "Skullgroover " from the show.
A few pictures
26th,  The West Indian Club, Rugby, with Tess Parks & The Anteloids
Today we had a gig in the hometown of Spacemen 3. We were invited to play at The West Indian Club by our good friends The Anteloids, also their hometown. The soundcheck was nice and relaxed, we enjoyed an extended jam. Some of it caught on film below by Supersonic. After soundcheck, Tess kidnapped us into the toilets to take some inspired band photos, apparently the lighting was good in the ladies loo. Tess played a nice acoustic set to kick the night off, The Anteloids got the place moving with some foot stomping blues.
We played for about two hours straight, again very relaxed, allowing us to get right into our groove. The vibe was great with everyone falling into the music.
It was good to catch up with The Anteloids and spend some quality time in Rugby, a very nice place to be.

Sound Check at The West Indian Club, 26th July 2014
"Heady Ideas" from the 5th record "Upside Out Inside Down"
"Don't You Know?" from the 4th record "Semper Fi"
"Skullgroover" from the 5th record "Upside Out Inside Down"
"Thoughts On Why" from the 5th record "Upside Out Inside Down"
A few pictures
Picture below took by Tess, more cools shots from the day and a lot more on her blog here.
31st, The Old Bown Jug, Stoke with, Tess Parks & Electroshock Therapy

We had a good night playing with Tess and Electroshock, with a nice friendly vibe throughout the venue. We bumped into some old friends from years back who we played with in London at The Drybar back in 2008, they was in the band "Lovelust"

Some nice pictures took by Tess here
1st, Firebug, Leicester, with Tess Parks 
Another good night in Leicester, we've had a few. Thanks to Alistair for kindly putting us all up at his flat for the night. A cool flat, a bit of a musical instrument museum. The after party went on long into the early hours.
2nd, The Roadhouse , Manchester with Tess Parks & The Underground Youth
We took the scenic route up from Leicester to Manchester, driving across Snake Pass, through the Peak District, a beautiful part of the UK. A video below of some of the drive through the pass, set to "Thoughts On Why" from our 5th record "Upside Out Inside Down"

Steve de Sarasola was on the desk for this gig, nice to have a tech who knows the band sound, he did a stellar job. Interstellar Overdrive did a great job promoting the show, The Roadhouse was packed full. Tess joint us on stage for this gig too, a tambourine goddess, along with many other talents. Some video footage below.

"Skullgroover" from our 5th record "Upside Out Inside Down"
"Don't You Know?" from our 4th record "Semper Fi"
Thanks to everyone that came out!

BMK Tour of Ireland with Les Big Byrd

This time it was a road trip to Ireland, a Country most of us had never had the pleasure to visit before. This was another trip kindly organised by our friend Ben Patterson. The entire tour was to be with the groovy Les Big Byrd from Sweden.
We travelled West through the UK to catch a ferry from Pembroke to Wexford. A very choppy October 4 hour crossing left the whole team feeling more than a little queezy, apart from the biological enigma that is Dan (Iron Gutt) Lovage. 

24th October, Crane Lane, Cork, w/Les Big Byrd
We met Ben and The Les Big Byrd Guys in Cork, for the first gig of the tour at Crane Lane. It was Guinness and cuddles all round.

We all spent the night catching up, we hadn't seen the Les Big Byrd guys or Ben since the summer.
Liam a good friend of Ben's from the Irish band The Grunts very kindly put up the whole team, 9 of us, in his house for a few nights.
We all met in Crosshaven the next day a small village in a scenic harbour of Cork County, at a pub called Cronins. We spent a few hours there, had the best fish and chips known to man and then made our away across to Lismore for the next gig.

25th October, The Red House Bar, Lismore, w/Les Big Byrd & The Grunts.
We arrived at the Red House Bar pub, the live room was upstairs above the pub. The room was tiny, around the size of a small lounge, the smallest venue we had ever played. We would be making a BIG! noise in a very small space.
The room began to fill up with people, all up for a dance and a good time, the crowd was literally right up against the bands. The gig was a freak out with people climbing on chairs and joining in with percussion. You could feel the floor going up down in time with the music. 
Click the link below for a video of the track "Semper Fi" with BMK joined by Jocke  from 
Les Big Byrd and Liam from The Grunts, both on tambourine. The sound quality's not great, but you'll grab the vibe. 
A top gig shared with great people. Big fun in a small space!
26th October, Debarra's Folk Club, Clonakilty, w/Les Big Byrd & Liam from The Grunts.
We was up and out next morning and back on the road for a gig at Debarra in Clonalkilty.
Debarra Folk Club is a venue with a history, visited by the likes of Bob Dylan, Bowie, Neil Young etc. The walls are covered in memorabilia and photos. 
We had another great night, Joakim and Frans from Les Big Byrd joined us on stage for an 18 minute on the spot jam. 
Check out the video below, Ben shows noise appreciation at 17.05.
After a few hours of partying, the whole team (13 of us) crashed in the accommodation above the venue.
27th October, The Mercantile, Dublin, w/Les Big Byrd.
We was back on the road the next morning on route for the last gig of the tour at The Mercantile in Dublin.
Les Big Byrd played yet another blistering set.
Jocke joined us again on stage to shake a classy tambourine.
We  was all sad to part ways at the end tour.
Thanks to everyone who came out and big love to Ben, Liam from 
The Grunts, Jocke, Frans and Martin from Les Big Byrd for being great company every step of the way.
A few pictures at The Mercantile

Heady Ideas a single from BMK's next record Upside Out Inside Down


Here's a video of the opener of “Upside Out Inside Down”, our fifth record.
Most of the shots in the video were taken during our Scandinavian tour in the summer of 2013

Black Market Karma, Scandanavian Tour, summer 2013


We became close friends with Ben after playing the Dead TV live show in London. He invited us to play a gig in Sweden at the end of August. He knew the Les Big Byrd guys well, a groovy band from Sweden. As always we we're well up for the long road trip across Europe. With the help of the guys, Ben set up and arranged a gig at Riche in Stockholm. With the help of Anne Marie from 88 mph Bookings too, we had a tour of Scandinavia organised..
The BMK team were all set in The Caravan Of Love, looking forward to the long drive down South through the UK, then a channel crossing into France, through Belgium, Holland, Germany and a ferry crossing into Denmark and then across the Supersonic Oresund bridge and then the final long haul across Sweden. With plenty of DIY coffee and soup breaks cooked up on the burner in the back of the van, we made Stockholm in one piece. Reverence to Mark for his Supersonic driving.
Oresund Bridge
23rd August, Riche, Stockholm, Sweden
After a more or less 24 hour straight drive, with a few power naps and coffee breaks thrown in, we finally hit our swanky accommodation, a camp site on the edge of Stockholm, so it was unload, pitch, crash out for a few hours and then onto Riche for soundcheck. 

We were welcomed with open arms by Ben.
Dan had flown into Stockholm from London too, to join up with us for the whole tour, so it was cuddles all round. It was exciting to all stand together in Sweden, none of the BMK team had been there before. Ben introduced us to Jocke and Frans from 
Les Big Byrd, real cool and friendly guys. Soundcheck went well, so we was looking forward to making some noise. We were all offered anything we wanted from the Riche menu for dinner, some top end grub to choose from. The dinner was great, Riche's hospitality was second to none, we were all treated like Royalty. We went on around 9pm. the venue was packed, the sound was great and the Swedish crowd were up for a dance, we had a great first gig in Sweden. We hung around with the guys into the early hours, good times!
Thanks to Ben, Frans and Jocke for organising the gig and to 
Riche for looking after us all so well.
We headed back to the campsite to catch up on some much needed sleep, we had to be up and out the next morning for the trip to Hova.

Les Big Byrd

24th August, Ekokalyps Festival, Hova, Sweden

We got a much needed lay in. We didn't have too far to go to get to Hova from Stockholm, so it was a nice relaxed day after the mammoth drive the day before.
We arrived in Hova in the afternoon. The site for the Ekokalyps Festival was in a quite village setting. The stage was inside. There was food on offer from a already fired up barbecue, so once we again we were looked after well.
We where kindly put up in a local school. It was the summer holidays in Sweden, and the organisers had arranged for the main hall to be used as an oversized dorm for all the bands and staff. This created a really nice family vibe, it was really cool to see an entire community come together for the whole event.
We played around 11pm. Again, the Swedish crowd were up for a good time.

A few pictures

27th August, 1000 FRYD, Aalborg, Denmark with Cosmonauts

We set off early morning, with a long drive through Sweden and back into Denmark for a gig up north in a port city called Aalborg. We was on a day off, so had plenty of time to do the miles. We had a few stops along the way, one of them next to a huge lake, a real nice spot, some of the background footage in the video below "Heady Ideas" was shot by the lake

"Heady Ideas" Track one from our fifth album "Upside Out Inside Down"

After a long haul, we arrived at the venue 1000 Fryd, with a very warm welcome from the owner Peter, who had kindly offered us accommodation for two days, the venue had two big flats above it. With plenty of space for us all to crash. We unloaded all of our gear, had a much needed shower and some food. In the evening we went for a wander and a pint in the city centre.
The Cosmonauts joined us the next day, a cool surf garage band from California, they were touring through Europe too and we managed to hook up together for this gig. We had a blast playing together and spent the rest of the night talking about music and Alan Partridge. The Cosmonauts were straight back on the road the next morning, they left bright and early. We had another gap day and Peter kindly put us all up for yet another night, a real Danish gent. Again the hospitality was second to none. we was off the next morning heading for Aarhus. 

A few pictures of our evening in Aalborg

29th August, Radar, Aarhus, Denmark

Our accommodation in Aarhus was to be a band favourite, camping again, after arriving at the site, we quickly pitched tents and then made our way across to Radar. The venue was in the middle of an urban kind of artistic development area next to a university. A lot of the buildings walls where covered in cool graffiti, the whole place felt right and we were excited to play.
We loaded in, the venue was a real nice space, with a very swanky back stage area, with showers and fresh clean towels laid out for the whole team. Dinner was great, as it had been everywhere we'd been through the whole tour.
Oracle O, a Kills inspired Danish band from Copenhagen kicked the night off, a few songs in, a fire alarm came into their sound, which we assumed was part of the set. Unfortunately it turned out to be real and the whole venue was evacuated. We was gutted as it seemed the event would be cancelled. The problem was found to be on another part of the campus and thankfully the gig went ahead, we were all now chomping at the bit even more to play
Stan's brother Fin
 joined the band on stage for the first time dancing and grooving in a funky hat and parka for the whole gig.
Here's a video of the entire set at Radar. Thanks to everyone that came out. 
Download the album "Black Market Karma Live At Radar" click the link below. A good clear recording of the entire set. 

30th August, Loppen, Copenhagen, Denmark
We was up early the next day to down tents and load the van, we arrived in Copenhagen early afternoon and checked into the hotel for a few moments of much needed comfort after a nights camping. We travelled across town to Loppen, the venue was located in the heart of Christiania, a self proclaimed autonomous community since hippies settled in the unoccupied military barracks back in the early 70's.
The live room was at the top of the venue, with an industrial lift on the outside wall for access. This made a nice change from humping gear up narrow flights of stairs.
We met Anne Marie, our Danish booker and all had a dinner together, knocked up by the very friendly resident chef.
We had a belter of a night for the last gig of the tour, making good noise with the Danish band "Wonderland".
We was up early the next day for a major road trip back into the UK and up to the land of Spacemen 3 "Rubgy" to play The Pig And Applestock Festival.
A big thanks to everyone that helped make the tour happen, Ben, Jocke, Frans and Anne Marie and a big thanks to the Scandinavian people generally for treating us all so well. We hope to be soon!
Anne Marie from 88Mph Bookings

Dead Tv Live Presents Sunday Psychedelia with BMK & The Grunts, The Boogaloo, London

We were invited to play a Dead TV live  event. It was a late Psychedelic Sunday Lunch  at The Boogaloo , in Highgate, North London. 
Tangible artwork

Sabzz set the up the wifi connection and both BMK's and The Grunts  sets where aired live on Dead TV . Thanks to Ben and Sabbz for organising the entire event and for a good night on the Guiness in Oxford Circus the night before.




Supersonic Psychedelic, BLACK MARKET KARMA & HELICON

Flower Power Records hosted another Supersonic Psychedelic freak. Our comrades, Helicon from the northern end, on a UK tour, came to pay us a visit in the South. The gig was at The Paper Dress in ShoreditchEast London , a vintage clothes shop by day and a groovy live music venue by night. The stage is in the window of the shop looking out onto Curtain Road, we'd played here before and thought it'd be the perfect place to hook up with Helicon again.

Helicon contacted us early in the day with the bad news that their van had blown up on the M1. Miraculously, they managed to get the van fixed and still made it to us on time for sound check. The turn out was great, the venue was packed full with people pulling shapes to the sound of both bands. Supersonic spun some tunes, finishing with a dose of Northern Soul, the perfect prescription to close the night.
Thanks to everyone that came out.

Below is a video of us performing G To C from Easy Listening. The picture and audio are a little shaky, but the film catches the vibe of the night.
Good Times!
A few pictures.

Our fourth record Semper Fi released on Flower Power Records 20th December 2012

Our fourth record "Semper Fi" released 20th December 2012. We're happy to have achieved recording, producing and releasing four full length records in 2012. "Comatose" 1/1/12 "Cocoon" 29/6/12 "Easy Listening 7/9/12 and "Semper Fi" 20/12/12. We're looking forward to returning fresh in the next year and starting on something new. Thanks to everyone involved, enjoy!
"Semper Fi" released 20th December 2012 via Flower Power Records.
The entire record is available for free download here---

Track listing ---
1:   Don't You Know?
2:   I Am Life

3:   The Whites Of Your Eyes
4:   Dummy
5:   Head Full Of Fuzz
6:   Keep On Keeping Your Light On

7:   Semper Fi
8:   Turn About Face
9:   Sitari-Wary
10: Running On Dry
11: Andrea's Drum

Track one from Semper Fi "Don't You Know?"
Track seven from Semper Fi "Semper Fi"
Track nine Semper Fi "Turn About Face"

Check out the opening track on the album "Don't You Know"


Black Market Karma, La Grange a Musique, Creil, France

We set off once again in The Caravan Of Love across the channel bound for France. We were invited to play La Grange à Musique , in Creil , together with Dead Rabbits .
The venue was really cool, great lighting, great sound with a tip top professional crew too.
The promoters of Celebrations Days Festival  organized the event, a stellar team. We were treated like Kings, with great food and swanky accommodation.
It was good to play with our partners in noise making, Dead Rabbits. We had a real cool time, Tom joined us on stage for the last tune.
The entire event was filmed thanks to Vincent Vaillant. Check out the video below
Black Market Karma, full live set at La Grange a Musique, Creil, France, November 2012
A few pictures
More pictures on Flickr, took by Will Dum here---

Our third record Easy Listening released on Flower Power Records 7th September 2012

We worked on two records in conjunction with one another. The first one "Cocoon" was released back in June. This is the second one of the two "Easy Listing"
"Easy Listening" released 7th September 2012 via Flower Power Records.
The entire record is available for free download here---

Track listing ---
1:   Jingle
2:   WW3

3:   Grand Theft Brain
4:   G To C
5:   Slow
6:   Dancing On The Sun

7:   Bloomer
8:   Catsigh
9:   Adrone
10: Stars And Stripes (Hammer And Sickle)
11: Neghead
12: Rough Idea

Track one from Easy Listening "Jingle"
Track eight from Easy Listening "Catsigh"
Track 12 from Easy Listening "Rough Idea"

Our second record Cocoon released on Flower Power Records 29th June 2012

Since the release of our debut album "Comatose" on 1st January 2012 we've been in the studio working on two records in conjunction with one another. This is the first of the two "Cocoon" with the third record to follow before the year is out.
"Cocoon" released 29th June 2012 via Flower Power Records.
The entire record is available for free download here---

Track listing ---
1:   Wilter
2:   Refusal

3:   Dirty Water
4:   Sole Abuser
5:   Cocoon
6:   If I Could

7:   Violet
8:   Hold Me Down
9:   Neutral
10: Iono
11: Phase Out

Track one from Cocoon "Wilter"
Track seven Cocoon "Violet"
Track 8 from Cocoon "Hold Me Down"

BMK recording a new track Adrone for the new record "Easy Listening"

An update on what we've been up to in the studio. Here's a video of the recording process of the track "Adrone" for a third record. We plan to release the 3rd album before the year is out with our 2nd album "Cocoon" to be released on the 29th June 2012.






BMK, La Scene Bastille, Paris, France, March, 2012

Last Friday we took another trip over to Paris to play a gig at La Scene Bastille . Here's a short video of our time on the road and the gig itself. There's also some clips of us playing two new tunes from our second album.

Black Market Karma/Dead Rabbits/ Cult Of Dom Keller in Brighton

Hello all
Just wanted to give a big thanks to Max Crawford,
Dead Rabbits, The Cult Of Dom Keller and everyone else involved with the gig on Friday. We had a very psychedelic time and look forward to coming back that way very soon. Here's a few pictures of our set thanks to Ruari Meehan
Next up for us is Paris. We'll be playing at La Scene Bastille  on Friday the 23rd of March with The Berniz and Izzy And The Riders.
You can buy tickets here
And some more information

B.M.K have nearly finished our second album.

B.M.K. are a handful of vocal takes away from having a finished second record. Here's some footage of us recording a couple of the new tunes.
Black Market Karma, recording "Wilter"
Black Market Karma, recording "Hold Me Down"

Our debut album Comatose released on Flower Power Records 1st January 2012

"Comatose" released January 1st 2012 via Flower Power Records.
The entire record is available for free download here---

Track listing ---
1:   Dee Dee
2:   Pulling Shapes

3:   Run Run Run
4:   March
5:   I Can't Save You
6:   All These Things

7:   Comatose
8:   Weightless
9:   It's Gone
10: The Way It Was
11: Washout

Track one from Comatose "Dee Dee"
Track six from Comatose "All These Things"
Track four from Comatose "March"



Review by Subcity Radio, University of Glasgow Radio

Saturday, March 21, 2009 
Review by Subcity Radio, University of Glasgow Radio
Category: Music
Black Market Karma – EP
How would I describe Black Market Karma? Good old psychedelic rock and roll. Its has been missing from our shelves for far too long. With so many bands taking the same indie rock/ indie pop approach and bringing nothing new to the table, BMK stands out with their layers of guitar riffs, steady drum beats, lackadaisical echoing vocals and the odd sitar bringing it home.
I had never heard of them until doing this review and I truly believe they deserve to be in the top 5 new bands for 2009, but - hey! we are still only in March. They reminded me of what Oasis promised with ‘What’s The Story Morning Glory’ and going on the three tracks on this EP they deserve similar success that album brought. The similarity is best heard on their track ‘Fall’.
On one hand you have this very obvious desire to have a loud stomping rock out or perhaps festival anthem, but with their Eastern sound mixed in it can also make for a very smooth and chilled atmosphere. This is particularly obvious on their track ‘It’s Gone’.
I strongly urge you to pay a visit to their myspace and get sucked into their hypnotic sound.
subcity fresher
Web location of review here -----

Psychedelic Reaction Magazine, Live Review, Mr Wolf's, Bristol

Black Market Karma.  Mr Wolf's, Bristol.  22.01.2009
An impressive Bristol debut from Black Market Karma. They rode in from their native Kent to headline the inaugural Psychedelic Reaction night as relative unknowns and, judging by the reaction of the approving crowd, no doubt left with plenty of new interest.
Four sharp young lads who had total confidence in where they were at and the music reflected their self assurance. Clearly influenced by the likes of The Brian Jonestown Massacre and the Black Rebel Motor Cycle Club, they sidestepped the pastiche trap with ease and the strength of the songs and individual talent marked them out as a young British band to be genuinely excited about.
I really liked their groove, they fit together seamlessly.  It helps that the man behind the drums was Reni-esque, which is never a bad thing, and is a real ace in their pack. Dami gave them that fluidity missing from so many indie by numbers bands.  Above all else they gave the room rhythm and the punters responded, a couple of them even breaking out into dance down the front.
Having heard the songs off their self titled EP it was interesting to see how they went about it up there on stage.  Could they pull off the sweeping Take What You Get and make it fill the room or replicate the amphetamine rush of The Fall ?  No problem.  It's Gone, probably the most accomplished track on record, was effortless.  All done with extra bite and crunch on the guitars, played as if it was their last gig and their soul depended on it.  When front man Stan sings, he sings it with heart and from the throat, rasping and straining but crucially still singing.
All this and they're only 19.  The sky's the limit.
Psychedelic Reaction Magazine
Chris Dunn

E.P. Review by Andy Dipper,

EP review, Flotation Suite
Cool cover, cool band, cool music; just three ways to describe Black Market Karma. In a lazy, yet efficient manner I could probably summarise this band by one word: Class. Their metallic and textured sound shines through in ‘Take What You Get', the first song on this brilliant CD. The London based four-piece act as the arch nemesis to shockingly over-rated bands that currently fill the charts, developing a real guitar thrashing sound to go with lead Stan's fantastic vocals.
The powerful music of BMK is comparable to Oasis and Black Rebel Motor Cycle in their approach, and their energetic style would be suited to the festival scene. ‘It's Gone' is the highlight of the CD, although all 3 tracks are top quality rock and roll. The three tracks are also available on the bands MySpace, where they'll hopefully be releasing new tracks to compliment their fantastic opening songs. Expect to see Black Market Karma up there with the best in the near future, because they're one of the best bands I've heard in 2009 so far.
Web location of review here----




E.P. review by Toxic Pete!

Black Market Karma - EP - Black Market Karma

Black Market Karma are one of the few bands about that are taking their music almost entirely down the psychedelic route. Nowt wrong with that.  In fact, I applaud Black Market Karma for their guts cuz many still see psychedelic music as being retro and very 60's.   Quite why I don't know cuz this kinda music, to me, offers much more 'feel' and warmth than the more obvious, run-of-the-mill indie rock that we've been bombarded with now for several years.
For me psychedelia aint retro, it's a valid and viable genre in today's fickle marketplace and there's absolutely no reason why Black Market Karma shouldn't do very well with it. Ok, it's gotta be good and it's gotta be very appealing but I feel Black Market Karma match the criteria, and some! This is a really damn fine EP; only three tracks maybe but very tempting they are and show that this is indeed a workable form for now and the future.
Reminding me a little of Kula Shaker (hey, that's cool for me!) in the way they build just enough Eastern promise into the hefty folds of soaring, searing rock riffs and maintain their 'heady' but particularly likeable rock undertones. Lazy sounding vocals add even more mysticism to the formula as soft but metronomic percussion and gentle but somehow cutting pulsing bass lines add an element of intrigue and sensitivity to the already transcendental melee.  Black Market Karma rock as they soothe; this EP can be played low and quiet to generate a nicely relaxed state but it also stands up well at much higher dbs to quicken the mood with its powerful earthy 'flavour' - good work this!!
Black Market Karma should be congratulated for taking this slightly less popular rock route; their psychedelic ramblings are much motivating than most of the more obvious indie rock releases out there but their sense of adventure and electrifying mysticism is mega-captivating in its relative uniqueness and much more compelling than much of the indie blandness of their contemporaries. Black Market Karma score big points with me for their chosen musical 'route'; I love this EP and look forward to perhaps hearing Black Market Karma on a bigger work in the form of a full-blown album.  Most enjoyable, moody yet inspiring!
Peter J Brown aka toxic pete
Web location of review here------

Q & A with NYC writer Terri Karnessis

Q&A with Black Market Karma

Recently, Black Market Karma guitarist and vocalist, and all-around great guy, Stan, was kind enough to answer some questions for me. I owe him a million thanks for taking the time to do this insightful interview!


How old are you and how long have you been making music?
We're all 18/19 and we've been making music together for around 2 years now. All of us have been musically connected in someway since our early school days but only reasonably recently have we started to find our sound and our place together as an outfit. I personally have been playing the guitar and trying my hand at my own music since I was thirteen. Since then we've all been flitting in and out of different "bands" together but it's a really cool thing to finally be in a solid group and to feel right with where it's going musically.
How did you meet and form a band?
We all met in our school days. Our year seemed to unusually musical with a lot of young kids who could really play already and because of this there were always a big amount of bands forming. Members kept changing, starting "rivalries" and through that we ended up with a band all of our own. Dami didn't join us until college years and this is when we (edit: WE is Stan, Mike, Dami, Josh) started to really settle together and everyone was finally on the same plane musically. 
I would say the goal of independent artists like yourself is to use music, recorded & live, as your creative outlet, expressing how you feel about yourself, others, and the world in general through songs. What are your thoughts on that subject: your goal as an artist?
I just wanna get the music out there and heard as much as I can. If people connect with the songs and what they're saying and it makes them wanna come see us live then that's great! We just wan't people to enjoy it. If one of our songs can give a person goosebumps then that's enough for me. I think that's the point when you know you love a song. Ultimately we wanna be able to make our music without restrictions, within reason. To have control over how we sound and not have to do something we aren't comfortable with! We want to make our music with integrity and respect but make enough money to keep it going!
What cities in what countries would you like to build a fan following so you can go play there?
If I'm honest, anywhere that we can! I love the idea of travelling around the world and bringing your music with you. I would like to be able to play in New York and have enough of a following there to do that. Japan has always intrigued me too, I think that would be a very cool place to go and play.
From what I know about you, you obviously make music because you are passionate about it. That seems to be the independent spirit. Do you encounter other musicians of the same mindset? Do you feel there is a surge as this decade progresses, in the number of musicians who get into the business to do it for themselves, and keep control of the creative aspects of their music?
 Definitely. I've met a lot of people who say that it's more important to them that they keep creative control and feel happy with their music rather then bend to some suit's whims because of something they signed! I've noticed that more and more bands are making it on their own, without a record label. A good example of that is Elbow. They do it all themselves and don't have to answer to anyone. They have freedom in their music and enough success to keep it going. The thought of having to change what you're doing to fit guidelines is a bad one. I do think that the fear of "selling out" can also be taken too far the other way, to the point where you make desicions that will uphold your integrity but ultimately ones that are killing the music. Everyone needs to pay the bills!
Regarding the last question, do you like the idea of having a smaller fan following, but having those fans understand you and appreciate your music more because it is special and meaningful?
I think bands in that position, more often than not, are actually happier. I always enjoy gigs where the crowd is smaller and you can actually feel the vibes coming off stage, rather than gigs with an endless sea of people. It can lose its personal touch otherwise and all the "magic" seems to be sucked out of it. As an artist you want to get your music heard by as many people as possible, but I think it's quite a sad thing when it all gets bloated. I think this is why people seem to gravitate to a band more when they love the music but they aren't massively successful or famous. It's good to be able to actually SEE the band when you go to a show. When you find music you really connect with and it's being made by people in that position it gives you the feeling that you've found something real special. Like you can almost claim it. I like that idea.
Do you feel your music comes from your heart and soul? How does it make you feel when you write and play music?
Completely. When I'm writing a song a piece of me goes into it almost. It's like if you're experiencing a bad time and you put it into words and music it feels like closure, kind of. I feel lucky that I'm able to do that. It's a really good feeling. It can be kind of surreal when you start playing and a whole song just comes out real quick. It's almost like it wasn't you doing it. Being on stage and playing live is the one time where I feel right and you forget everything else. I think a lot of people would say that they feel the same way.
What kind of guitars and amps do you use, or would you like to use?
Well, I use a an old 70's Gibson es 345 guitar and a Vox AC30 amp. Mike plays an Epiphone Casino through a fender tube amp and Josh plays an old 60's Epiphone Rivoli bass through a distorted Laney. I like to mess around with effects like Rotary sounds and wah pedal and I always use reverb with my guitar. I love the roomy, atmospheric textures you can create with it. If I had the money I'd probably buy a Fender Twin Reverb amp and a Vox Ultrasonic guitar. They were only made for a year though so that may prove difficult. In Josh's dream world I think he'd like his bass in red.
Lastly, where do you see yourselves 5 years from now? 10 years from now? How many albums would you like to record?
I'd like us to have enough of a following that we can travel the world and play most places to a decent crowd and to make enough money that we can keep touring and making albums. We wanna write and record as much music as we can but not to the point where we're rushing just so that we can say we have another album out! Our aim is to keep the music consistent and fresh and make it with integrity and respect for what's already been.

Interview and E.P review by New York writer Terri Karnessis from Dirty Sexy Karma

Interview with Terri Karnessis from Dirty Sexy Karma

About a year ago, I heard a song called Pulling Shapes by a new band from England, called Black Market Karma. That song, and the companion song they had set to play, called It's Gone, were like nothing I had ever heard before. And even though I still love those songs like no others, Black Market Karma has come a long, long way since then.
I wanted to know what Black Market Karma have been up to this past year, and Stan, their singer and guitarist, was kind enough to let me know. Here are his answers to my latest ten questions:

Q - You have a new member in the band now? Who is he and how did this come about?
A - Yeah, Sam’s just joined and we’re a 5 piece now. We’d been looking to get a new member for a while. We like to get a lot of textures and sounds into our recordings, but we couldn’t quite pull off all the parts live without another player. We needed things like extra percussion, keys and also a 3rd guitar on some tunes. Sam’s been a good friend of the band for a while now and he’s a good musician. I was jamming with him one day and it just clicked in my head; “Why don’t we get him I the band?” We broke him in with 4 gigs in 3 days and that was it. He fit in with us instantly, it’s been pretty cool.
Q - I have seen all of the videos you post on YouTube. Are all of these songs recorded for your upcoming album?

A - Yeah, pretty much all those tunes are recorded / half way done or “to be recorded.”

Q - How is the summer festival tour going? Which festivals have you played? Which was your favourite?
A - Summer’s been ace. So far this year we’ ve played Create festival, T-fest and Lounge on the Farm. We had a great time at lounge, proper good fun. We turned up on the Friday and camped till Monday morning, playing Sunday evening and just generally digging the festival lifestyle in-between. We were buzzing all weekend and the gig itself was top drawer, got a real good turn out. We’re looking forward to being on the bill for that again next year. As for this year we’ve got one more festival this weekend which is a Woodstock 69 tribute just outside Paris and we’re all pretty psyched about it. There’s a truckload of 60’sesque bands heading down so it should be awesome.
Q - Whom have you been gigging with?
A - We’ve been all over the shop with gigs, and to be honest I forget most of the bands we play with. One group that stood out for me were Daylight Frequencies, the Horrors' new tunes were good too when they played at LOTF. The Pale Blue Eyes are another good band too.
Q - How is the song-writing, the recording, and the production of your music going? Is the debut full-length nearly ready to be released?
A - It’s going swimmingly. We’ve got around 2 and a half tunes left to record so it’s on track! Once we’ve got the artwork sorted we can send it off to be pressed and we can start getting it out there.
Q - It seems you have had a pretty exciting year! How has this past year shaped your music?
A - I’d say doing so many gigs has changed the music a bit. When you’re playing the same tunes every night you start to improvise to keep it fresh and some really good stuff has come from that. All the sound-checks have given us time to jam together too and a few new song ideas have come out that way.

Q - Dami is quite a dancer. Did he train professionally?! Who else in the band can dance like that?!
A - To be honest, I think he just looks at himself in the mirror doing dance moves and that’s where that came from. I can’t dance for shit. The only other guy that could have the potential to dance is Sam, cos he’s half Spanish. It’d be cool if he could Flamenco Dance, but I ain’t seen evidence of it yet.
Q - What guitars have you added to your collection lately?
A - We recently trekked it to Manchester and picked up an Epiphone Elite Riviera 12 string guitar (I think that’s the full name). It sounds mega and we’ve already used it live a few times and on the new recordings. It’s a beast.
Q - What bands would you faint if they asked you to be their touring partners for the next 3 months?
A - I’m not sure I’d faint over anyone really, not my style! I’d love to play with the BJM or Black Rebel though. I reckon we’ d go down pretty well with the Warlocks or the Black Angels, too? If the Velvet Underground were still about, that’d be awesome, ha!

Q - What do you have planned for the rest of 2009, and looking even more forward, for early 2010?
A - The initial plan is to get the album finished and out there. After that we’re just gonna plug it everywhere and get it heard as much as possible. We’ll see what happens!

Thanks for taking the time to update us, Stan. Keep on, you've got a lot of fans waiting for that album!
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EP review
London-based band, Black Market Karma, have released their first EP. The 3-song disc is titled Psychedelic Circus, an introduction, and it is the band’s lovely and alluring way of getting a bit of their music into your psyche. Take What You Get is a beautiful, almost melancholic, ballad that proves this band has feeling, and can compose a song that evokes musings on one’s special place in life and being aware of the good things surrounding us. This song gives voice and music to the feeling of loss, and missing someone. It’s Gone is a slow-burner in the psychedelic fashion: rolling drums lure you in, swirl-y guitars wrap you up, and moody vocals guide you through the journey of the song. At times, a guitar on It’s Gone sounds like raindrops, on top of the tin-roof-drums, on top of the watery undercurrent of guitar. The closer of this debut EP, The Fall, picks up the pace to a Black Rebel Motorcycle Club-Baby 81-style frenzy of growling, dirty guitars and fierce drums, with vocals that are equally fierce and just angry enough to get the lead out. Fierce and frenzied, loud and rocking, The Fall ends abruptly and I am left wanting more, more, more....

Music connects the artist to the rest of the world, bringing its creators into our hearts and minds, and sometimes our soul. When the motives of the musicians are true, their talent shines through their compositions, and the listener gets the intended effect. Black Market Karma shine on this debut EP, and this is only a hint of great things to come.



Mr Wolf's, Bristol 2nd January 2009

Mr Wolfs, Bristol, UK
Aite people, how was your Christmas? Have a good new year? Etc etc …

You may know, you may not know and you might not give a shit, but we played Bristol last night. It was well worth the trip and we had a right ol’ kness up We were invited by Chris Dunn of Psychedelic Reaction Magazine to play Mr Wolf’s. We were on the road for about 3 hours to be greeted by the most chilled out people you could meet. It was free beers all around, groovey tunes and a PROPER soundcheck. Which was nice. We did have to put up with a pair of clowns giving it large though. They’d obviously just stumbled in after a few drinks at the local “Grimey Beats” club thinking they were where it’s at. They had matching outfits and matching intelligence, which was low. We took the piss out of them through song, they didn’t even catch on and then they got kicked out. Jokes. It’s all a good laugh though eh?

After soundcheck we decided to bowl off around Bristol and take in the scenery, followed by the usual supplement of cheap nuts and copius amounts of energy drink. Once we were all on a sugar high we wen’t back and played the gig. It was a cool feeling playing to like minded Psych fans and we went down like free grub at a party. We chilled out, sold a few E.P.s met some cool cats and then made a move home. Overall it was a fucking top trip! Thanks to Chris and everyone else involved for all the proceedings.

My only complaint were the extortionate prices at service stations! Outrage man. 2 quid for a bowl of frosties with some dried up, stale milk, £2.50 for a bottle of coke! And nearly 3 quid for crisps with the texture of brick. Discovering the microwave was probably the hight point. Peace 

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