Black Market Karma are a psychedelic band from London. We listen to likes of The Velvet Underground, Nirvana, Lilys, Slowdive, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Jesus & Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Warlocks, Asteroid #4, Jimmy Hendrix, Dead Rabbits, Can, Kaleidoscope, Neil Young, The Rolling Stones, Spacemen 3, Spiritualized, Spectrum, Howlin' Wolf, Sonics, Koolaid Electric Company, Leonard Cohen, Leadbelly, Curtis Mayfield, The Standells, Tom Waits, Them. The Black Angels

"Upside Out Inside Down" released on Flower Power Records 24-1-14
Our fifth record "Upside Out Inside Down" will be released 24th January 2014 via Flower Power records, you can go to Flower Power Records for a free download of the complete 11 track album.

"Live at Radar" Aarhus, Denmark, summer 2013 released on Flower Power Records 26-11-13
A live recording of our gig at Radar in Aarhus, Denmark. A 10 track album of the entire set played on the night, including, 1 - Dee Dee, 2 - I Am Life, 3 - Yes You Can, 4 - The Whites Of Your Eyes, 5 - G To C, 6 - Don't You Know, 7 - Keep On Keeping Your Light On , 8 - Adrone, 9 - Semper Fi, 10 - The Right Way. Released for free download via Flower Power Records, 26th November 2013. Click here to view the whole gig 1 hour and 16 minutes on youtube 

Listen to Semper Fi "Semper Fi (vinyl)" released on Flower Power Records 12-7-13
We're pleased to announce our latest album Semper Fi has been released as a double LP on 180 gram coloured vinyl through Flower Power Records, purchase of the album includes a free digital download. The vinyl version of the record has a bonus track called The Right Way. All tracks have been newly mastered for this release. Thanks to everyone involved with the release of our first double LP. Click here to buy Semper Fi on vinyl 

Listen to Semper Fi "Semper Fi" to be released on Flower Power Records 20-12-12
Our new album "Semper Fi" is due to be released 20th December 2012, you can go to Flower Power Records for a free download of the complete album. We're happy to have achieved recording, producing and releasing four full length records in 2012. We're looking forward to returning fresh in the next year and starting on something new. Thanks to everyone involved, enjoy! 

Listen to Easy Listening "Easy Listening" released on Flower Power Records 7-09-12
After a  very busy time in the studio over recent months our third album "Easy Listening" was released 7th September 2012, go to Flower Power Records for a free download of the complete album. We have around ten songs down for the fourth album. This album will have more of an Indian vibe, with sitar and harmonium floating through the songs.        

Listen to Cocoon "Cocoon" to be released on Flower Power Records 29-06-12
We have been busy in the studio for the past 5 month recording two albums, the first of which "Cocoon" is now mixed, mastered and due for release 29th June 2012, go to Flower Power Records for track previews. The third album should be out before the end of the year too, all tracks are recorded, and mixed and are in the process of being mastered.       

Listen to Comatose "Comatose" released on Flower Power Records 01-01-12
Check our debut album "Comatose" Go to Flower Power Records for track previews and a free download. We've waited a long time for this album to drop, it's feels good to actually get it out there. Comatose will be released on vinyl at some point in the near future. We still have a lot of material backed up and are busy in the studio recording the second album.     

Listen to All That I've Made "All That I've Made" released on Flower Power Records 24-7-11
Check our EP "All That I've made" Go to Flower Power Records for track previews and a free download. We have released this EP as a download only prior to the release of our debut album "Comatose".
All tracks for the album are recorded and are in the process of being mixed. The release date for  the album is still to be arranged.
Videos of "A To G" and "Edrone" below, a big thanks to Blood Meridian for putting together the A To G video for us "Cheers man",